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I switched my daughter's auto policy to Mercury after getting a good quote online through AIS. I set up auto pay through their website and was charged the quoted price the first month. The second month I was charged over double the quoted price!!!! It took over 3 hours and 2 days to cancel the policy ( I am going back to USAA!!!) and I was told by a rep over the phone that I MIGHT have a... Read more

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I'm so pissed off I will never tell anyone about Mercury. My car been in an accident for a month now and no one has called or come to look at my car I have full coverage and still nothing Add comment

My 2007 Z4 BMW was sandwiched between two vehicles on 9/14/2013 after being hit by a drunk driver. There was excessive damage to the car both in the rear and also the front, where the hood of the car took a nose dive into the Escalade in front of it. I was then told to have my car towed to World Auto Body, an affiliate of mercury, where there is an onsite adjuster and I would get my car back... Read more

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I have been with mercury insurance with about last 5 years for my home And car this co policy is weird my home has 3 claim in last 3 years For hail and tornado damage now they not going to renew anymore that is reason 3 claim in 3 yr if they have to pay us from their pocket not to renew they said this many yr we paid premium is not enough to they pay for my home damage claim This is worse... Read more

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Just tried to go to new insurance company and mercury refused to cancel my policy and broke the law. My new agent is going to take responsibility for the charges to cancel. Add comment

expensive I was with them for over 4 yrs, added my 19 yr son and his used car to my policy. They quoted me 420 for both cars, mind you 1000 deduct. I had also moved gave them my new address, never received new policy. When I called they never changed address & they are charging me 634 , they forgot to mention the 400 was for my sons car only, what who pays that much crazy I would ve... Read more

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I was involved in an auto incident where an uninsured driver hit me in a parking lot. I was told by this company that the claim was settled in my favor. 2 weeks later they call me to tell me that it was now in the favor of the other driver. I felt complete wronged and not safe as the insured. This was completely unprofessional. I felt as though I was merely carrying insurance to take care of... Read more

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I was hit by mercury insure. Total my truck and put me on disability for 4 months. Hired attorney because mercury didn't want to take responsibility. I had $20000 in medical bills and $15000 in loss wages. Not to mention pain and suffering. After my attorney went round and round with them , they will only pay $17500 for settlement. But I still have 20000 in medical bills. This company is a... Read more

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In March 2014 I was hit at a gas station by a claims lawyer who wasn't paying attention while pulling in to get gas. He was with Mercury, (YUK!) Mercury decided after 3 months of chiropractic treatment, NOT to pay the $3,600 chiropractic bill, and offer me $500 for my neck and shoulder injury. I have limited range of motion in my neck still and need more treatment~~They blew me off~~~~I reported... Read more

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I had gotten an quote of $452 for a 2012 MINI JCW insured in Texas. It was a good deal so I accepted it (July 28, 2014). This was paid in advance and in full. On August 05 I get an e-mail saying that I was due a payment of $310. No explanations, the only thing the e-mail said: Due date August 20th. I called the company and after getting multiple reasons as to why my insurance premium went up I... Read more

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